Do you Tweet?

I love Twitter!

Twitter has got to be the coolest thing I have seen in quite a while. I hated MySpace with all the flash and glitter and the way the youth of the world seems to have taken it and turned it into something so bizarre even my creative mind can not fathom the purpose of it. Face book is okay, and I have one of those, but tend to get a bit overwhelmed with all the extra apps, and so I don’t log in much. But Twitter is something different, it is fast and simple, without all the glitter and games … just a quick easy way to touch base with the people you share common interests with and let them know in roughly 30 seconds what is going on in your world, and if you use a cool feature like Firefox’s Friendbar, you can keep an eye on your tweets without too much distraction to what you really SHOULD be doing 😀 well, okay maybe not that part, but you can try 😀

I will be launching a new DoUTweet2 campaign Monday, with special savings and freebies just for my Twitter followers … so if you are a Tweeter 2, folllow me and grab some great goodies from comfort of your very own  tweet deck!

Good Night for now … TweetTweet

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