A new adventure…

Life is an adventure and a constant learning process. I believe if I ever stop learning it will be time for me to leave this Earth and move on to Heaven where there will be new things to learn. And I also believe that is we hoard our knowledge and don’t share what we have learned then the knowledge is wasted. With that said I am embarking on a new adventure!

I have been recruited as a teacher and tutorial writer/translator for the DigiDesign Resort Safari Lounge Designer Club where I will be sharing what I have learned about PSP, PSE and Photoshop as well as design over the last few years of my life and am sure that this adventure also offers a great deal of new lessons along the way. The biggest challenge I have faced so far is in translating tutorials intended for use with Photoshop to be compatible with PSP, which can be a real struggle because some of the tools and methods are so different. But I have learned a lot already, along with the fun of getting to learn a new program!!!

I love learning new programs and am in the process of learning to use Camtasia Studio for creating video tutorials; the hardest part of that is finding quiet time when I am not exhausted in a house with 2 young adults and a 3-year-old with special needs so that I have quiet to work on recordings… the weirdest part has been when I finally find my silence, getting over feeling like I am sitting in an empty room talking to myself  LOL

But all in all it is good, I am enjoying life, learning new things and sharing what I already know 😀

I also set up shop in the store at DigiDesignResort … check it out I have a fabulous new release for those winter and Christmas photos along with some new designer tools released from my latest grab bag… and a 50% grand opening sale to top it all off 😀 I will be back in  day or two with more news and  a freebie:D

2 responses to “A new adventure…

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  2. Thank you Cindy! This was very kind of you! Ann


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