An Update, a new write and a FREEBIE!

Hello everybody!! My name is Beth, I am a good friend of Cindys, one of her CT members and a new writer on her blog!!  I wanted to hop on, introduce myself and let y’all know that Cindy’s having a few health issues right now. 😦  She’s NOT ALLOWED ON HER COMPUTER!!!!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh…I would die. Seriously. Drop. Dead. On. The. Floor.  No computer?! That’s the ULTIMATE torture!! 😦  Ok, so ultimate torture is a bit of an exaggeration, but for designers, its HARD to not be allowed on the computer…for 2 weeks. That’s right, 2 weeks with no computer time, and minimal television time…I would literally be reading all day, but she’s not really supposed to do anything that will strain her eyes.  Her house is spotless though 😉  Anywho..  I am working on doing an extra qualiy check on all her items, and some new products too!  We are putting everything on her new AWESOME preview too! I love it!!

So be sure to keep your eyes open, check the blog, and Cindy will be back soon, ready and RARING to go!! With all kinds of fabulousness for y’all!! Take care & enjoy Cindy’s freebie!!  If you want, leave her some love, and I’ll read them to her over the phone when we chat next!!

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6 responses to “An Update, a new write and a FREEBIE!

  1. Thank you so much for the goody! It’s gorgeous!!!


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  3. Thank you!



  4. Lovely freebie, thankyou very much:)


  5. Thank you Beth! I am so happy to be back and I thank to those of you who left love on the freebie! Another coming soon 😀


  6. Lovely paper. Thank you very much.


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