Back & Kind Of Better

Hello dear readers and fellow scrappers… if you read the post before this one you know I just spent 2 weeks without my computer! Okay well after the first week I cheated a bit or I wouldn’t have a great new freebie for you 😉 but I never have been a very good patient LOL. So why? No computer? Not too much TV or even much reading??? Well I have problems with my tear ducts not draining properly, I am not sure why, but it makes my eyes excessively dry and the details are pretty gross and painful so I will spare you that… but the eye doctor gave me some new medicine Restasis and I am hoping it works! I am not really feeling a lot better but my eyes don’t look like they are bleeding anymore, but he did say it would take about 3 months for it to really work, so I will have to take good care of my eyes. If that doesn’t work we will be discussing surgery to help open my tear ducts. Doesn’t sound fun to me so all you praying people out there please say a prayer for me.

Anyway on to the fun stuff… but please bear with me, quality is far more important to me than quantity so I may not have a new kit each and every week. BUT… before I got the eye news I had started a really fun kit for the “Reach for the Stars” Mix & Match collection at DigiDesign Resort (Pssttt… it’s their second birthday and everything is 35% off until Aug 2nd!) and have spent the last few days finishing it up, making sure the quality is up to my standards, and getting a great free sampler ready for you. They are available separately or as a collection and it is a FUN one… especially for those who have little boys! And it’s on sale! So here are the kit previews and the freebie will be below … all images are linked. Thanks for stopping by, please leave some love if you like the freebie and Happy Scrapping!!!

3 responses to “Back & Kind Of Better

  1. quality far more important than quantity : i like it , and your designs are very attractive , thanks 🙂


  2. Pretty sampler, thank you very much.


  3. Thank You for the “Stars’ Sampler and all of the freebies you’ve shared.


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