Beautiful You

What defines beauty? Is it really skin deep? I have never thought so. To me the things that make someone beautiful are on the inside; strong faith, a loving nature, a sense of honor and integrity, willingness to help someone in need, a sense of humor, personality, character, and so many more things than I can list here.

Two readers who comment on this post; either telling me about the most beautiful person you know or what you think beauty truly is; will win the entire collection! That’s 3 paper packs and 3 element packs! One winner will be chosen by random draw, the other will be awarded based on my favorite comment and how your thoughts and experiences with beauty touch my heart. Winners will be announced Feb 1, 2013 @ approximately 9pm MST, so please have your comment posted by then!


I have been blessed to know some truly beautiful people in my life, among them my sisters, some really close friends, members of my church family, I have even met some truly beautiful strangers in the course of my life. The most beautiful among these is my best friend Bonnie. I could spend hours regaling you with the attributes that make her beautiful, the adventures we have shared and the wonderful things she has done in my life; but I think you get the point. For me she is the person who comes when I feel like the rest of the world walks out on me, and turns my tears to laughter. There are some people who need consistent contact to maintain a friendship, but Bonnie & I don’t need that. There have been times in the course of our friendship when we have not seen each other for years at a time, but the minute we are reconnected we pick up right were we left off. I hope you have a friend like that!


It is Create A Kit Event time at Digitals and when I saw the color swatch I was inspired! I created a collection called “Beautiful You” and throughout the process I really thought a lot about what beauty truly is. I have created one page with it so far, and am giving away the cluster I used for it at the end of this post. I hope you like it and the packs that make up the collection. This year, look for beauty in unexpected places and take the time to enjoy it!

Thanks for reading! ❤ Cindy


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19 responses to “Beautiful You

  1. The most beautiful person I know is my husband. Yeah, a man. Beauty is not just a female thing for me. My husband gives of himself daily. He works hard to allow me to be able to stay home and homeschool our boys. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to someone in need and well, I just love him more than I can even say!!


  2. The most beautiful person I know is my sister in-law. She has inoperable brain cancer, divorced and with a sixteen year old still at home. She has such grace, kindness, humor and faith. Each bump in the road that she has encountered during her treatment is met with the tremendous calmness of her faith in God. She knows she is loved and appreciated by her family and friends and returns that to us ten fold. I can not say enough prayers for her!


  3. There are a lot of people in my life that inspire me by their beautiful spirits, but if I am to choose one person who defines beauty for me, it would be my ex mother-in-law. Eileen was one of those women that you just wanted to be around, and without ever saying anything, but just by being herself, she made you want to be a better person. She was always graceful, kind, soft spoken and mild mannered. She was diagnosed in her early 50’s with Lou Gehrig’s disease, and throughout her last months, she was still as graceful and elegant as always. She would go out on her motorized wheel chair and drive around the block, coming home with the biggest grin on her face saying, “It was so wonderful to feel the wind on my face and blowing through my hair.” She never let the disease get her down, or take her dignity. She continually had a smile on her face, kind words for everyone, and enjoyed every single minute she had left as the precious gift from God that it was. She was my best friend, and I miss her every single day.


  4. Tough question to answer – but I would have to say that the most beautiful person I know is my youngest daughter. She totally rocks her extra chromosome and is beautiful inside and out. She is only 12 but when she smiles, she lights up the room. When she enters a room, she enters boldly and confidently – others cannot help but smile with her. When she laughs, it is contagious. When she asks to pray for someone in need, it warms my heart. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and I give thanks that I am blessed with my lil G.


  5. I know a number of beautiful women. One that stands out was my grandmother. I don’t recall hearing her complain no matter how difficult life was. Her strength came from the Lord and she trusted his timing even to the end. Two months after the doctors gave her two weeks to live she was heard to say “Only God knows the day and time” as she visited with cousins at a family reunion. This past month I reflected on the verse from Proverbs “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the lord is to be praised.” Those who I immediately thought of a beautiful model this as the source of their strength and comfort. They know the one who is in control.


  6. Beauty is what my children are becoming! They both have the darlingest giggle that makes me smile so big when I hear it. They love each other dearly which is a huge blessing for me as I didn’t have that with my brother. They’re both growing up so fast but they respect each others space (mostly – LOL!) They worry about each other – my son started middle school this year but he still asks his sister how school was today. Thinking back, after I started middle school I don’t remember ever worrying about my brother – if he was doing well in school or having even just having fun. So in my opinion my children are growing into beautiful human beings, inside and out, and I truly hope it stays that way!!


  7. There Are Many Beautiful People In My Life & Choosing Just One Would Be Impossible To Me…So I Will Tell You What Beauty Means To Me…Beauty Encompasses Many Things…Love & Respect For Family & Friends…Love & Respect For Our Beautiful Planet…Kindness & Humility Towards Others..Gratitude & Thankfulness For All That We Are Blessed With In Our Daily Lives…True Beauty Comes From Within…Love,Hugs & A Smile Can Go A Long Way…


  8. Time for the winners!

    The first winner by random draw is Shelly, thanks for sharing the story of your beautiful person with me. That is the type of woman I strive to be!

    The second winner is much more difficult since you all posted such lovely responses! But after much consideration I choose CynR … in my humble opinion you are definitely doing something right in your parenting if you count your children as the most beautiful people you know! Keep it up, maybe right a book to teach the rest of us how to raise beautiful human beings.

    I will contacting both of you with the links to your prize.


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